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Kenya Carr was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts into a small family where she lived with her single mother. As a child, Kenya and her mother lived in several different homes. These changes created a sense of adventure for Kenya, and after graduating college she decided to uproot herself to start a new life in the Washington DC metro area to experience more than her hometown could offer. 


That fateful move to Metro D.C. birthed a wonderful career as an HR professional. For over 23 years, Kenya has served as an HR Professional with extensive experience as a Headhunter, Corporate Recruiter, Human Resources Business Partner, Human Capital Consultant, and Coach. 


While the move to D.C. was wonderful for Kenya’s professional career, in private she contended with her fair share of personal and health issues, including low self-confidence, and even a divorce. Instead of succumbing to these issues, Kenya battled them head on. She transformed her lifestyle, and soon emerged a whole new woman. The journey Kenya embarked upon to become anew sparked a newfound passion and purpose deep within. 


Kenya’s transformation empowered her, and she wanted to empower others in the same manner. So, she became a certified Health and Life Coach, and in 2018, she founded Life Chapters Coaching where she empowers women to transform their mindset and elevate their personal power by mastering habit change. Kenya believes that you can’t take people where you haven’t gone or are not willing to go, so she proudly uses the challenges she overcame to help and motivate others. It was this thinking that prompted Kenya’s biggest move. 


In 2020, Kenya decided to add another title to her, then, 21- plus years of helping to develop and coach professionals. She authored her first book “Battling the Flames,” where she unabashedly shares her life’s lessons with the world. She wrote the book for the professional woman - the wife, single mother, and divorcee - who has gone (or is going) through the fire facing similar challenges that Kenya battled. Through the book, she is imparting to them that their personal struggles are not destroying them, but rather hardening them. She uses fire as a metaphor to prompt drastic change, and she provides encouragement for women to keep elevating their life’s next chapter by not letting their “flames” go out, regardless of the circumstances. 


Kenya Carr is a dynamic woman with vast experience in managing life and overcoming hardships. Catch her in a city near you, motivating people from the stage, sharing her testimony, and helping hundreds transform their chapters.

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