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Battling the Flames

In 2020, Kenya decided to add another title to her, then, 21 plus years of helping to develop and coach professionals. She authored her first book “Battling the Flames,” where she unabashedly shares her life’s lessons with the world. She wrote the book for the professional woman - the wife, single mother, and divorcee - who has gone (or is going) through the fire facing similar challenges that Kenya battled. Through the book, she is imparting to them that their personal struggles are not destroying them, but rather hardening them. She uses fire as a metaphor to prompt drastic change, and she provides encouragement for women to keep elevating their life’s next chapter by not letting their “flames” go out, regardless of the circumstances. 

Battling the Flames - Signed Edition $19.99

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Through her professional and personal experiences, Kenya shares her Top 5 Secrets to elevating life's next chapter. 

Get your free copy of her e-book when you order Battling the Flames.

My Top 5 Secrets to Elevating Life's Nex
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