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Live On Purpose

I don't know about you but these past 13.5 months have taught me how important it is to live on purpose than any other time in my adult life. As I write this, I'm just reflecting on so much that has happened during this period of time and how blessed, thankful and grateful I am to be alive. How about you? In my thankfulness to Him, I'm continuing to think about how I can demonstrate that thankfulness in my beliefs which dictate my thoughts which dictate my feelings which dictate my actions which, you know it now...dictate my results SO that I truly live on purpose.

Reinventing Yourself

If you follow me on Instagram, and were on it this week, you'll see that my "Question of the Week" post was Question: "What is wrong with me that I need to reinvent myself?" Answer: "You don't have to reinvent yourself. And nothing has to be wrong with you for you to do it." Fear of change is the root of most unhappiness. Companies are like this as well-companies who stay stuck in old ways of being clinging, clinging, clinging as long as they can to comfort zones. So what's the answer to the question, Why should I reinvent myself? It's kind of like you are at the high school reunion, you are sitting at the table, and they are playing all the songs that were popular when you were in high school, and somebody comes up and says, "Please dance with me," and you say to yourself and to them, "Why should I dance with you?" Well, that's an absurd question. Dance just to dance. Dance just to have fun. Go on out there on the floor and dance and you'll see why you should dance. The same feeling is true with reinventing yourself. Reinvent yourself and you'll see why you are doing it. The real fun, the real joy is in reinventing yourself. It isn't in figuring out why. When you reinvent yourself, you learn to live (more) on purpose.

Programming Anyone?

I'm sure you've heard the term wiring or, better yet, the term programming, right? What typically comes to mind when we think of programming is computers. Well, we are pretty much like computers. Our brains/minds become programmed over time to operate a certain way. In that programming, if we are not getting the results we want, we can consider reprogramming our brains/minds to get different results; sort of like reinventing, to get to where we want to be with our results and therefore, get to where we want to be in our lives. For example, I want to make sure my brain/mind is programmed for greatness to emerge. If I don't program myself, then life will program me and maybe not in a way that I would like. And if that happens, then I can let it continue to happen, or I can reprogram myself and my life results.

Listen, the language of struggle is programmed into all of us. When we talk about fears, we talk about them in the past. With greatness, we talk about right now. We want to work on becoming excellent at self programming. Self programming starts with self coaching. One powerful self coaching question you can begin to ask yourself is, "What's the most inspiring program I need for me in my evolution?" In asking yourself that question, just like a computer, your brain will search for the answer until it finds it. And even with computers, you need to be a little patient because it's searching through a lot of data/information so please give it/yourself time until it returns the answer, your answer. With your answer, you want to put it into action by practicing everyday, starting with your thoughts such as thinking, Good things are supposed to happen to me today. Believe and expect that!

Did you know that thought habits are automated and believe me (pun not intended) there is such a thing as ANTS which is Automated Negative Thoughts Syndrome. By the way, I don't like ANTS at all and want to get rid of them. Now, quick side note, I actually do have an ant(s) problem in my kitchen that I've been trying to get rid of for more than two weeks now so I don't like them either (right now). So we should be trying to get rid of both of them. What we should want instead. NO. What we should expect instead is success because the more we expect success, the less we will be controlled by fear (negative thoughts not serving us).

Success is about staying power. Belief is a thought that we've decided consciously or unconsciously is the Truth. Beliefs are the hidden scripts that run our lives so we want to ensure we have the right scripts that we are controlling for success (not for fear) in our lives that are the real Truth because every belief has a consequence. Beliefs support your best life or ambush it. Beliefs either heal or harm. We are into healing because we have power (belief). We ARE power (belief). This is the programming we want because beliefs=thoughts=feelings=actions=results.

Life is No Longer In Our Way

Another post I put up this week on Instagram was one that comes into my mind quite often and it is this, "Life gets in the way, so they say. What life do you want that's not in your way?" We tend to say that life got in our way when we're not in alignment with our goals/plans. This mindset makes life sound so negative. Like we want nothing to do with that kind of life because it's in our way and not serving us, right?! So, how do we align so that our lives aren't in our way but rather constantly leading us to where we want to be all the time and with excitement for the limitless possibilities ahead of us for our BEST LIFE? First, we need to do some self coaching by asking ourselves another powerful question. This time it is "What must I stop giving power and energy to that is keeping me where I am?" Where we are is stuck because something or someone is blocking us/getting in our way. Sometimes that someone is us (beliefs=thoughts=feelings=actions=results). Sometimes it's something or someone/others such as our calendar or toxic people.

What is most important in our lives is our health and protecting our spirt and our energy. We can manifest whatever we want for our best lives without burnout/X getting in our way (X means fill in that thing for you that's getting in your way of living your best life). When we can answer this question, we are on the right path to getting unstuck and starting to live a life that is no longer in our way but leading us to where we want to be all the time! When we fully answer this question and start to take action, we are able to divert that power and energy from where it is not serving us to where it will greatly serve us in our future and in a healthy way! We are on this earth to live on purpose so let's continue/start to! Begin by, everyday, telling yourself and others "Have a great day on purpose!"

All coaching is about helping someone access their Truth. If you need help accessing yours, then I invite you to have a conversation with me and it's free. Click here: Work With Me | Life Chapters Coaching

If anything I've shared resonated with you or you have blog topic recommendations, I welcome you to leave a comment below.

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