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Step Four is Surround Sound Your Life with How You Want to Feel

I've been gone way too long! Ain't that the truth?! What can I say! Living our best life means we need to take mental breaks sometimes for better grounding and recharging. I must admit that the August and September months did not have me in a sharing, let alone, writing mood. However, with us now in Fall, I feel the need to express myself through my words again. I find that when I'm in writing mode, I'm also in inspiration mode which is where the magic of creation best lives. So, we continue where we left off at Step three to owning your magic. Now let's move to step four: surround sound your life with how you want to feel.

Put yourself in environments that just do it for you

As a reminder, here are the 6 Steps to Owning Your Magic:

  1. Forgive yourself

  2. Choose love and acceptance

  3. Be intentional

  4. Surround sound your life with how you want to feel

  5. Be the author of your life

  6. Claim your dream

Now that you're reminded of the 6 Steps to Owning Your Magic since its been a hot minute since we covered the last step, think about these questions:

Questions for Insight:

  1. How do you want to feel?

  2. What environments do you most often experience the feelings you want?

  3. How often do you put yourself in those environments?

1. I want to feel energized, happy and purposeful. I bring my own energy to the experience I'm in or that I'm creating alone but feeling others' energy just makes my cup overflow into my saucer because I am getting more than filled up.

2. Environments where I'm with people who share a common goal with me, make me feel the way I want to feel energized, happy, and purposeful. How often do we talk about feeling purposeful? Not only that, how often do we surround ourselves with others who want to feel the same way because there is power in numbers who are moving in the same direction, to serve their purpose. When I did Network Marketing, which got me into entrepreneurship, I had to surround sound my life with how I wanted to feel because it got hard to keep hustling. Attending conferences with like-minded people did it for me every single time. It made me feel the way I wanted and needed, to keep serving my purpose.

Now, as a life coach, yes, I get easily distracted when I step away from my Tribe (fellow coaches) too long. When I step away from those who give me the energy to keep serving my purpose, my spirit changes and it's not a good feeling. I have experienced this these last several months and in stepping away from surround sounding my life, I did not feel energized, happy or purposeful. I felt conflicted. I felt less than. I felt lost. I felt a gap. I felt scared. I felt hopeful for something else that was not part of my purpose because it did not keep me motivated to stay grounded in my drive. Hence, it did not fully serve my good and my magic dwindled because I wasn't owning it. But that's okay. The point is do you come back/get back up in order to surround sounding your life so you can get those feelings back? Abso-freaken-lutely yes you do!

What else could help you to keep owning your magic? How about feeding your mind, body and soul what it needs on a constant basis; even when you're tired. This could be listening to music that inspires you. When I spent four straight months writing Battling the Flames, I listened to what I'm listening to in this very moment as I write this blog at Starbucks, music by Brian Culberton. The sounds of his music were then and are now in my ear; inspiring me to let the words spill onto the screen as they did when I wrote the book. Now that I'm slowly working on my next project of a book of poetry, I need Brian just as much as I needed him back then, more than 2 years ago.

Being in an environment that brings about the feelings you want, makes a huge difference. We all love our homes but sometimes we have to get out of it to surround sound our lives with how we want to feel. For example, by listening to music, you relax and loosen your grip on your mind but yet let your thoughts easily flow and it almost feels like a high. A high that you want more of because you can't get that feeling all the time. It comes and goes but you can control when you want it to come. That feeling is powerful and with it, you can do anything you set your mind to. Trust and believe. Surround sounding your life with an environment that brings you what you want to feel is magic for achieving whatever it is you set out to accomplish.

3. When I'm not focused, I'm not being intentional (Step 3 to Owning Your Magic) so I'm not putting myself in environments that just do it for me; make me feel how I want to. However, when I am intentional, it is:

  • Attending networking events, seminars and conferences with like-minded professionals

  • Having recurring check ins with fellow coaches so we can inspire and motivate each other to do even better coaching and grow our businesses

  • Listening to music so my own body is having its own experience of a higher vibration (energy) and happiness that causes me to move in a different way and take action; hence resume purpose driven moves

  • Reading, watching or listening to inspiring content

  • Dancing - yes, my favorite thing to do to feel how I want to feel

  • Going to places that put me in the mood to create: My breezeway patio, Starbucks, and my local winery

I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas on how to surround sound your life with how you want to feel. If I can leave you with something to watch to inspire you, then it's this Surround Sound Life YouTube video. It's entertaining; you'll laugh, as well as insightful. I invite you to even turn it on as you drive; just keep your eyes on the road.

If there is anything I've shared resonated with you or you have blog topic recommendations, then I welcome you to leave a comment below or reach out to me for a free consultation to get help in an area of your life or a change/transformation you want to begin this year! Click here to book an appointment Work With Me | Life Chapters Coaching

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