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Are You Moving?

Am I moving? I encourage you to check in with yourself everyday by asking yourself this question. Well Kenya what do you mean? I mean, are you moving your body in a meaningful way? Not just to get from point A to B because you have to but with intentionality beyond the basic requirements you put on your body to get from point A location to point B location. Location could be bathroom, couch, bedroom, kitchen, through the front or back door to get to your car to get to a location. Note: once you’re in the car, the car is moving, not you. Nope, these examples are the basics and NOT what I mean. I’m talking about what goes beyond the basics. How are you intentionally moving your body to practice healthy lifestyle habits? I’m calling it part of lifestyle therapy which is going to be my new FaceBook Group that I'll invite all of you to and I hope you'll say yes by accepting :)

I'm talking about intentionality

Ok, let me give you a personal example of intentionality real time. So, I challenged myself to do another 90-day walking/step challenge to 10K steps a day. I say, another because I've done it twice before, so I know it's possible to do. I'm also doing a walk, run, move challenge with my work colleagues that includes my weight training, on top of separately taking 10K steps a day. Why am I doing it? Because I'm not only challenging myself but it's to help be even healthier and quickly drop some weight to help get my blood pressure under control. I might add that it's working and my goal is to be off my medication within the next 90 days which is right in time for my refills to expire and to be the okay from my doctor to eliminate them. Yay! GOALS! Did you know that dropping just 5 pounds alone helps to bring down your blood pressure?! Yes!!! So, I'm upping the ante a bit just because I know I can do it and drop some pounds in a good amount of time. I also know I may not lose as much because I'm building muscle. Any who...where was I?!

Oh yeah! Okay, I hear you in my head with your thoughts of Well Kenya, you're a little extra and everyone is not going to sign up for all of that. And I get/receive that. I hear you (in my head) and that's okay because there is an alternative solution that is unique just like each one of you are, unique. Meaning, there are so many forms of movement. Pick your pleasure! You notice I said pleasure?! Moving your body doesn't have to be a struggle, undesirable, a burden, and/or a strain on you. You know why? Because if it is, you can't sustain it and you'll mentally quick before you physically quit; unless you have someone pushing you which is another option we can talk about if you'd like :)

I'm here to share what works for me but also what could work for you which are many possibilities, so I hope this statement alone helps you to not check out on me. So, what are other forms of movement that you could explore to see what's right for you? Okay, let's see...

What Kind of Movement is Right for You?

A movement menu is a list of inspiring movement options for different types of energy levels, time restraints and fitness. When you have an inspiring menu of options for movement ready and easily in view (like your refrigerator), you are far more likely to get moving. So, what type of movement does your body want to do today? Let it come from your body and not from your head. The movement should be pleasurable and remember – all movement counts! Even if it’s just 5 minutes. I'm sure you could come up with other forms of movement as well. The point is to have fun!

1. Biking

2. Roller-skating

3. Rollerblading

4. Jumping on a trampoline

5. Jump rope

6. Hula hooping

7. Yoga

8. Acro yoga (A combination of acrobatics, thai massage + yoga)

9. Dance (partner/swing dancing)

10. Chopping wood

11. Cartwheels

12. Zumba

13. S Factor

14. Nia

15. Jogging or sprinting

16. Hiking

17. Swimming

18. Gardening

19. Pilates

20. Walking

21. Skateboarding

22. Rock-climbing

23. Horseback riding

24. Surfing

25. Tennis

26. Basketball

27. Soccer

28. Golf

29. Fencing

30. Playing tag with children

31. Frisbee

32. Martial arts

33. Stair hopping

34. Cleaning

35. Skiing

36. Snowboarding

37. Jogging/Running

38. Lifting weights

39. Jazzercise

40. Carrying children

41. Archery

42. TRX

43. Cardio Barre

44. Acrobatics/Circus arts

45. Water walking (in pool)

Your action is to experiment with some of these and ask yourself daily, am I moving with intentionality for even just 5 minutes? Answer the question and then decide if you're satisfied with it!

If there is anything I've shared resonated with you or you have blog topic recommendations, then I welcome you to leave a comment below or reach out to me for a free consultation to get help in an area of your life or a change/transformation you want to begin this year! Click here to book an appointment Work With Me | Life Chapters Coaching

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