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Fail Your Way Through It

You ever hear that saying "Put it out to the Universe?" Well if you haven't, let me share what it means to me. When you put something out to the Universe, you are saying out loud what you want and hope that the Universe returns it to you. I love to use this to help me with my goals and desires in life be it health/fitness goals and even love. However, there are ups and downs in anything you put out into the Universe because you are not always committed or in control of every outcome that you want to have but I would say that putting it out there, even for accountability, is a good start.


When you put it out there/speak it into existence, you are basically saying, "I want it, I got it" which is one of my mindset quotes when I'm going for what I want. One of the shifts that occurs when you really want something is that you begin to think differently about what you want. You spend a lot of time with your thoughts and reflect on what you've done in the past to try and achieve your desires. You reflect on what worked and what didn't. What made you keep going versus what made you mentally quit right before you saw your progress.

Did you have support towards achieving your desires?

Did you have an accountability partner as part of your strategy to set up conditions so that your follow through happened to achieve your goals?

Who else did you tell about your goals/desires, if anyone?

Did you put it out to the Universe?

What about on social media? Did you put it there for "the world" or just your friends/followers and anyone else out there in the social media universe, to know? I mean people use social media to share other parts of their lives (some share too damn much), so why not share what you are doing/going to do to reach your desired goals, whatever they might be?

Woooo, wait what?! That sounds too heavy, too much, too fast for me to do, you might be thinking.

Listen, when you have public pressures to commit, you won't quit easily even if you fail because others know about what you're doing. Keeping your desires/goals to yourself is easy (it's like your own little secret that no one needs to know so if you don't achieve them, no one knew but you), sharing is harder because then people know and they are waiting and watching your progress which is actually a good pressure to have and increases your chances for success. Success is being willing to take the leap of faith including putting it out to the Universe for everyone to know and for everyone to witness your leap and what you do after you land.

Success vs. Failure

During the many times that I didn't have an accountability partner, I would put my goals/desires out to the Universe and by doing so, it helped me to be successful. And success has a different meaning to each person based on the objectives and outcomes they have for their desires/goals; so let me just say this...failure is rejecting your success by not trying at all. Trying and not succeeding is not failing, it is learning, trying over and over and getting better, and that is success on so many levels. So, why not fail your way through it?!

"But Kenya, I'm fearful that if I keep trying and still don't reach my goals that I'm still going to be a failure because I didn't achieve them." To this, I respond with "Why are you automatically assuming that you aren't going to achieve your desires/goals? It's like you're mentally quitting before you've even started. And would that be because of your past experiences? Well, your past is in the past and the problem is that you keep looking in the rear view mirror instead of looking ahead to where you are going which is in front of you. In front of you is the direction of your future. Your problem is that you are stuck in your past and frozen by fear of failure.

To fear, I say to give it a new definition because fear will always be with you. I want you to use your fear but dance with it so you can fail your way through it all the way to the other side of your success. And from the other side, be able to share what the rhythm of the fear felt like as you danced with it. So how will you redefine fear and have a dance off with it ever time it wants to battle?

What are you commit to doing to achieve your desires/goals and how will/are you putting it out to the Universe?

As a Life Coach, I'm a leader and hold a vision for all my clients. Sometimes my confidence in their ability to fail all the way through to their success, is higher than theirs but that is my purpose; to hold that space for them even if they can't hold it for themselves, initially. It is known that they may not succeed the first, second, or even third time, but with the right support, accountability and system, they will constantly try and fail through and fail fast, all the way to their success in reaching their desires/goals. If you want this type of journey with accountability and support, as well as an amazing system, please book a free 60-minute consultation with me here: Work With Me | Life Chapters Coaching and we'll go from there!

If anything I've shared resonated with you or you have blog topic recommendations, I welcome you to leave a comment below.

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